Cue the Horns from the marauding raiders! Erik is the #VikingofVoice…well, he is a Viking for anything really. He got his start in video games and has garnered success in all areas of acting.

Most well, known as the voice of “Draven”, “Jax” and “VelKoz” in League of Legends. He has lended his voice to 100’s of games, from Heroes of the Storm and many Blizzard titles, to The Walking Dead game for Telltale Games. You can hear him doing Audiobooks like “White Tiger Legend” and Stories like “TransSiberian Railroad”, as well as Commercials and Promos.

Pillaging SoundBooths everywhere. Here comes the Viking! The Viking of Voiceover!

Erik Braa is an energetic voice talent with a variety of vocal styles whose work can be heard in

Mage Knight Apocalypse (VG)
Destiny of Zorro
Sands of Destruction (VG)
Nick Chase: A Detective Story (VG)
Papa Smurf (Doll) (Toy)
GI Joe Laptop (Toy)
Babblix (VG)
Art of Murder “3” (VG)
Emerald City Confidential (VG)
League of Legends (VG)
Assassin’s Creed DS (VG)
Earl Schieb “Schieb Happens” (TV)
Funky Bee (VG)
Kingsley Deli Arts (Radio)
Suzuki ATV (TV)
Emerald Bowl (2009)(TV & Radio)
The Tiger and the Turtle (Audiobook)
SF Chronicle : Sunday Content (Radio & TV)

He is a Games Industry professional who clearly knows the requirements and challenges of creating Voice-Over audio for today’s media.

Erik is represented by Stars Agency. 

Erik Braa is a fourth-wall wrecking ball who can immediately immerse the audience in any production. Starting in a homemade closet-turned-studio, Braa’s rigorous honing of his craft bubbled him to the top of the voice-over industry. Now firmly planted as a “go-to” guy for V.O. masterwork, Erik is emerging in the acting field, as well, gaining significant roles in both television and film. With this blooming career, it’s no wonder Braa has firmly established himself as a rising stock in the entertainment industry.

Early on, Erik’s sterling V.O. career crackled with equally heaping servings of ambition and hard work. His big break came when he was taken under the wing of legendary voice actor Terry McGovern (American Graffiti, Ms. Doubtfire), who brought wit to life as the sparkling voice of “DuckTales'” Launchpad McQuack. Training under McGovern’s tutelage for several years, Braa was selected to help lead professional voice-over “boot camps,” a rare honor. Naturally, this heat brought talent agents to his doorstep, and Braa eventually signed with the touted STARS Agency.

It wasn’t long after signing an agent that Erik made a name for himself on the professional stage. Erik’s amazing talent for impersonations snagged him a plush job as the voice of the Papa Smurf stuffed doll, landing Erik’s buttermilk voice on the shelves of every major toy store in America. Soon after, jobs followed for prominent toy lines, such as G.I. Joe. But Braa’s vocal master craft is not limited to toys. Many notable brands have placed the hard-won trust of their consumers squarely on Erik’s vocal chords. Notable brands which Erik has represented include Suzuki, Ubisoft and he is currently the voice of the San Francisco Chronicle in Radio and TV ads, among many others. With a full slate and new job offers every week, booking Erik’s voice is getting to be quite an exclusive ordeal.

With such natural gifts and devotion to hard work, it’s no wonder that Erik Braa easily made the transition into on-screen acting roles. A starring role in an hour-long television program led to a professional supporting Film role for the Butcher Bros. in “The Violent Kind”. The casting team at AE casting and Indigo Films knew they had found the perfect lead from the moment Erik’s affable personality dazzled them. Indigo’s production, a crime reenactment drama called “I Almost Got Away with It,” featured Braa’s manly frame hulking through a series of crime sprees. The program premiered to successful reviews and ratings, and is yet another springboard to further success for the talented Erik Braa.

His innate, yet fine-tuned ability to slash the veneers which separate performer and audience has made it a matter of course that Erik Braa enjoys a successful acting career. His attention to detail and willingness to pace a tough grind will no doubt fuel even more successful ventures. Like the Wright Brothers testing their first flight, no one can be certain how high Erik Braa will fly. All one can do is hope to be lucky enough to get on board this skyrocketing opportunity.


Currently, Erik can be seen and heard online in “Top Beer” from Repertoire productions and he is also the Announcer of The Variety Society, a San Francisco based late night comedy show.




Member of The Marin Actors Workshop

Member of the digital short sketch comedy team “DrunkNerds”

He can be seen on camera in:

The Violent Kind
I (Almost) Got Away With It (ID CHannel)
and more